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Model F 200

Price € (without V.A.T.)
F-200 A
w. 32 cm / d. 65 cm
F-200 B
w. 32 cm / d. 80 cm

In conventional fireplaces, chimney absorbs almost all of the thermal energy produced by burning wood. Essentially, the 90% is lost, thus exploiting only 10% of this energy.

The fireplace heater is the economic solution, which with simple deposition and unaltered, collects heat before losing it and return to space. The powerful fan draws cold air away from the fireplace and sends it through the fireproof steel piping, hot inside the room.

  • Impressive increase of temperature in space without any additional cost.
  • Reducing the amount of firewood needed to achieve the expected level of temperature, significantly reducing the operating costs of the fireplace.
  • Consumption 18 W.
  • It is portable and can be carried from home to cottage.
  • Adjust and adapt to any fireplace.

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